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A Great Crested Newt
A Great Crested Newt

Welcome to newts in your pond, the website dedicated to the conservation of the United Kingdoms native newt species.

The aim of this website is to give help and advice to members of the public who want to find out more about our native newts, either through the Questions and Answers page, The Gallery or Guide to the Newt Year.

We also offer a range of grant and match funded services to schools, event organisers, groups and societies, these include:


School Visits; A licensed amphibian ecologist will bring live newts, their eggs and larvae into the classroom to give children a unique hands on interactive experience with these amazing animals.

Events; We can provide an interactive newt exhibit at organised conservation events, with a licensed amphibian ecologist on hand to answer the publics questions.

Groups and Societies; We can arrange for expert speakers to give talks, supported with live specimens, about frogs, toads, newts and gardening for wildlife.

Through this website you can also order James Grundy’s new book “Newts in your pond and garden”
Newts in your pond Book
This book is a must for anyone with a garden pond, water feature or an interest in these fascinating creatures.
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