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School visits
‘Newts in your pond’ are now offering all schools across North West England and North Wales a full day curriculum-linked, fun and informative amphibian event.The event is designed to stimulate children’s interest in the natural world and enhance their understanding of the amphibian species associated with their region in particular the great crested newt.
Event Structure

• A series of 30 minute interactive sessions that run throughout the school day
• Timetabled so that every class in the school can attend one of the sessions
• Sessions tailored and delivered to reflect the age and ability of the children present
• Large classes containing 30+ pupils catered for
• Interactive, ‘hands on’ talk with live animals used to illustrate key points
• Questions and pupil participation integral to each session
• A unique opportunity for the children to get ‘close up’ with a great crested newt!
• All pupils receive a ‘Guide to the newt year’ to take home
• Copies of ‘Newts in your pond and garden’ provided for the school library and as a prize for the pupil producing the best piece of follow up work relating to the event
• CRB checked.

Newts on Display
Curriculum Links

KS1: Art: Unit 1B Investigating Materials, 2B Mother Nature. Literacy: Poetry Unit 2. Citizenship: 03 Animals & us. Science: 2B Plants & Animals in the Local Environment.

KS2: Art: 6C A sense of place. Citizenship: 03 Animals & us. Literacy: Non-fiction Unit 3. Science: 4B Habitats, 5B Lifecycles, 6A Interdependence and adaptation.

Frequently Asked Questions
The Newt Year
Newts in your pond book by James Grundy
School Visits
Event dates are available from March to October
The cost of a full day event including all materials is £185.00
For more information about the amphibian event or to enquire about the availability of event dates please do not hesitate to contact James or Carole:
    Tel: 01625 869921. Mobile: 0780 444 7073 or email:jim@newtsinyourpond.com    
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